Franczek Incorporated


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Franczek does good work!“Franczek has been our local maintenance and cleaning company for us for over 25 years. They do a great job. They are trustworthy and we have never had an issue. I would highly recommend them.

Franczek does good work!“Very reasonable prices, excellent work, prompt, and they stand by their service. What more can you ask for than that?! Well, how about that everyone, from the owner down, is friendly, and all they want is for their customers to be satisfied. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


MDI Realty
Mark or Sarah
(810)733-0761 x224

Franczek does good work!We do both janitorial and floor care work for this management company based out of Michigan. We also manage two of their buildings here in Big Rapids. We have worked hard for this company for over 12 years.