Franczek Incorporated

Commercial Janitorial

We will custom build an industrial janitorial and/or floor care bid to meet the individual needs of each client. Call us and we will create a custom plan for your business.
Outstanding Janitorial Service.           



  • Empty all waste containers: Waste will be removed from, in and about, the building and deposited in containers provided.

  • Empty and clean cigarette ashtrays.

  • Sweep all non-carpet areas.

  • Vacuum clean all carpeted/mat areas; removing stains.

  • Clean drinking fountains.

  • Maintain desk areas: dusting all horizontal surfaces that are readily available, cabinets, computer screens, baseboard heaters, bookcases. Work papers not to be disturbed.

  • Restrooms:

    • Wash all sink basins and bowls, urinals and stools with a detergent sanitizer.

    • All floors should be mopped with disinfectant.

    • Clean mirrors.

    • Replenish restroom supplies

  • Wash inside and out of all trash receptacles used for collection of food remnants and debris

  • Replace any burned out light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

  • Wet mop of all tile flooring.

  • Clean front doors inside and out of finger prints and dirt; also, any windows next to door, if needed.


  • Thoroughly dust all furniture and walls including drapes and other window coverings.

  • Spot clean all wall surfaces within 70 inches of the floor.

  • Completely vacuum all carpets

Every Two Months

  • Damp wipe toilet wastepaper receptacles, stall partitions, doors, walls, Windowsills and frames.

  • Shampoo and carpet clean all high traffic areas of carpets.

  • Remove any rust/lime residue accumulation around water fixtures


  • Wash all interior and exterior windows and all glass surfaces.

  • Strip and re-wax all tile flooring areas with 4 to 6 coats of high solids Floor wax.

  • Dust wall surfaces within seventy inches from the floor, vertical surfaces and Underneath clerical areas.

  • Clean metal and other surfaces and ledges in lobbies.

Yearly Service

  • Wash all blinds and drapes.

  • Clean all light fixtures.

  • Shampoo all carpeted areas, as needed.

  • Strip and refinish floors in non-traffic areas.